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Alumni Life Design Experience

A four-week online program to help you identify your strengths and find a more fulfilling career.

What’s next for your career? Let’s make a plan.

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and Integrative Learning & Life Design are working together  to bring you the clarity and confidence you need to create a fulfilling career. We are thrilled to be on this journey with you and will support you every step of the way as you design the next chapters of your career and life. 

The Alumni Life Design Experience supports members of our Hopkins community at a time in their lives when they are looking to make a change. Regardless of your age, background or current life situation, the Alumni Life Design Experience will give you tools and clarity to take that next step toward fulfillment in your career.  

The Alumni Career Design Experience will inspire you to:

  • Be curious
  • Try stuff
  • Reframe limiting beliefs
  • Embrace ambiguity
  • Ask for help and support from other alums
  • Encourage others to succeed

It’s a perfect fit if you:

  • Want more balance, growth, or impact from your career 
  • Feel bored, burned out, under-appreciated, or not using your strengths at work 
  • Wonder how your skills and experience translate to other career paths 
  • Will transition to a new phase of life and want to reinvent your career 

With the course, you will:

  • Have assignments that fit your schedule 
  • Spend about 3 hours per week learning career design principles, exploring career resources, and completing insightful exercises
  • Participate in weekly team working sessions 
  • Gain new perspectives and actionable feedback from fellow alumni
  • Activate and grow your network 
  • Crowdsource ideas, resources, and connections from your supporters, fellow alumni, and the broader Alumni Life Design Experience network.

Alumni Life Design Experience course fees:

  • $25 for alumni who graduated in the last year (Fall 2022 – Spring/Summer 2023)
  • $75 for alumni who graduated in the last 10 years (Spring 2022 – 2013)
  • $150 for all other alumni

Course registration for Fall 2023 is now closed. Contact odyssey@jhu.edu with questions or for more information.