The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association offers a wide selection of non-credit, personal enrichment courses and workshops taught by Johns Hopkins alumni, faculty, and global community experts through its Odyssey lifelong learning program. Discover something new and share your passion with fellow lifelong learners through Odyssey.

Jump into January with the development of your own photographic portfolio with Phyllis Ann Berger or take a deep dive into profiles of bold American Abolitionists with Robert Baer, PhD (A&S ‘88). 

Explore the rich cultural history of NYC with George Scheper, PhD or lose yourself in the timeless comedies and tragedies of Shakespeare with Lynne Agress. PhD.

Reflect on the changes and challenges of gender identity through the figure of the Warrior Women with Janet Gomez, PhD (A&S ‘16) or tune in for an evening lecture and discussion of  NASA’s return to the moon with Manju Prakash, PhD.

Hone your own writing skills through the “sentence building approach” used by authors from J.R.R. Tolkien to J.K.Rowling with Don Killgallon (A&S ‘78) and Jenny Killgallon (A&S ‘75).

Registration now open for Spring 2023 courses

Check out our catalog and register online (we’re adding courses throughout Spring 2023), and visit our Participants page to learn more about tuition remission, policies, and accessibility.

Call for Instructor Proposals

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association invites lifelong learning course proposals from Johns Hopkins alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners on a rolling basis for its Odyssey program. Lifelong learning courses are typically 4 – 6 weeks total and taught online. The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association can assist instructors with identifying on-campus teaching or classroom space at Johns Hopkins (subject to availability) and provide limited technical assistance for virtual courses. Use the Odyssey Program Course Planning Template as a guide to ensure proposed course information is clearly communicated and syllabus statements promoting academic integrity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are included.

Visit our Instructors page for information about proposal submissions, course promotion and enrollment, and more.